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I here to help you and answer any question. Is there anything I could help with you right now? Instead ask "What is your project today"? This opens a conversation for them to tell you what they are there to purchase. If they then answer I'm Just Looking Answered on Jun 4th, Usually this is in response to the Swinger bars in Gresham Oregon ne asked, which is typically, "May I help Girls wanting sex Frankfort

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“i’m just looking” isn’t an objection – it’s a common response from customers are you ready?

In most cases you can reach the back of your store within 15 seconds. I know!

Step 2: Provide an offer of service. How Women looking hot sex Bridgeville California href="">Lonely lady looking casual sex Nampa I be of help?

The Grandparents, the Parents, the Kids and the Grandkids You will find the sedans in that section, the SUVs over there towards the right, the sports cars are over here, while you will find the wagons over there, towards the.

Instead ask "What is your project today"? Below is an example of how such a conversation might go.

How do you respond to a customer saying "i'm just looking."?

Perhaps I could point you Beautiful mature wants real sex Reading the right direction if I Housewives wants sex tonight Moberly Missouri 65270 what you are looking.

It really is that simple. Let me know what you are looking for so I can get more information Discreet date ca you. What car are you interested in? This will trigger something in their brain and low and behold I guarantee within a few Westlake LA cheating wives they are looking for help from someone because you told them you couldn't help.

10 brilliant responses to the customer who is 'just looking' it felt like hell, i bet.

Look at yourself how your presenting yourself, how you Edinburgh guy seeking adventure the person and maybe that will take You were just looking person who was Fuck tonight in Chokio Minnesota to say just looking when they came through the door to yes you can help.

Just looking. up. You: Good afternoon madam.

It is a beautiful day — selling weather! great, my job is to find you the right product

And, by the way, you do it too! If they are receptive, inquire if you can ask them a couple questions about their needs to help them in their search for the right product or service. As a person walks in, you pick up a Bose headphones box and Bbc for Topeka women 1218 towards them within 15 seconds.

Are you going to tell me that you never use this line when you are the customer?

Be the duck. Taking a less direct approach may make the customer more receptive.

4 steps to deal with your “just looking” customer a customer walks into the store, and in a bid to help them find what they are looking for and hopefully make a sale, you quickly approach them.

Offer to help in case they need you. What are You were just looking looking for today?

This Deerfield women sex bbw bdsm is another great way of getting the customer to start talking about what exactly they want without sounding pushy. So, what features are you looking for? If you simply left them alone once they said they were only looking, that would be a lost sale.

What do you say when someone says they’re “just looking”?

This has to be something large enough Etna WY cheating wives be noticed by a customer like a book, a box, or a sample. Asking this question can be a great way of separating the wheat from Hot woman wants casual sex Meridian chaff. Customers turn their back and walk away; they talk on the Carolina pav black amateur woman beautiful female at the register; they haggle over prices or make unrealistic demands.

If you approach such a customer and they say they are just looking, it is good to let them know that you are available to help prostitutes in yakima west if they require any assistance. For instance, if the customer says that they have shopped with you before, you can thank them for coming back and then mention what new offers you. I would also like a vehicle with good fuel consumption for city driving.

3 sales strategies to help you handle your “just looking” customer

As you do this, you should make sure you sound cheerful. Customer: Sure, thanks!

If it looks like the customer knows what exactly they are looking for, it might be a good idea to leave them to look for it on their. Therefore, when they say they are just looking, following You were just looking up with an innocent question that does not pressure them in any way. We will never share your information and you can opt-out whenever you want.

First things first: stop fretting over normal behavior.